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Lisa Spainhour

Lisa Spainhour Principal Investigator

Dr. Lisa Spainhour, PhD, PE is the Principal Investigator (PI) and a Civil Engineering Professor at Florida State University.

Zoe Williams Program Manager

Zoe Williams is the Program Manager. She both plans the future goals and oversees the support and development of ELVIS and its supporting applications in Florida.

Zoe Williams

Amy Cochran

Donald Faulkner Developer/Support

Donald Faulkner is the Developer and Support for the application. He is responsible for adding and testing new features as well as answering questions, administering accounts, and performing training.

Doris Stanley Office Manager

Doris Stanley is the Office Manager. She is in charge of purchasing and ensuring compliance with the requirements to maintain our grant from the Florida Department of Transportation. She is also our liason with the Florida State University Human Resources Department.

Doris Stanley